Sunday, 30 October 2011

Hallowe'en delights

What a busy week! I love it when things come together, even in small doses. This week I have prepared for 8 orders, one being for a local boutique in my town of Denbigh called Baroque, who will be my local Christmas card seller. How exciting! I am quickly running out of room, so some rearranging of my study has taken place this afternoon...more shelves required please! I am loving this process, and can't wait to see people's smiles when they receive their cards.

Also this week at home we have prepared our pumpkin for the little trick or treaters...positively ghoulish!I wonder if anyone will dress up like my little Pumpkin Boy?

On the agenda for the coming week? Dispatch my orders, get some ideas together for a fantastic new beach/castle themed commission, prepare a special commission for a friend's baby, and sand down more name plaques! What a creative place I am in right now!

Thank goodness the kids will be back in school!

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