Friday, 4 November 2011

Wooden Name Plaques

Hurray, I have finished a wooden name plaque for Tom...well, not my Tom of course, but whichever Tom would love to be the owner of this seafaring illustration. On the back I have stuck my 'eden with pencils' logo sticker and signed it by me and where I am.

It has taken a little longer to get through than planned simply because other projects beckoned, but I devoted some time today to work on it, and my finishing touch with a fabric flag has made it worthwhile. And it doesn't stop there. This one was relatively quick to prepare, illustrate and paint, measuring 22cm x 7cm with a simple design. My next one is a little grander, more decorative and hopefully will be even more beautiful! I've plenty of wood to try out lots of different names and have a list of designs to work on. Can't wait!!

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