Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Lovely letters!

Hello, Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you've all enjoyed your time over the festivities...and they haven't finished yet, we've still the New Year to see in too. Hurray!

I was busy working right up to Christmas Eve preparing some gifts (even employing my family to get the work done quicker). I felt like a real Christmas Elf! I made wooden letters, hand painted them in an array of gorgeous colours - some from the Craig & Rose 1829 range - and linked these together with wire to form some pretty name blocks. I've now decided to make an abundance of these for signs, catchphrases, you name it! So watch out for more over the coming weeks.

I've also been sketching some new designs for 2012. I'm really excited about how I've developed over the past year since picking up my pencils again. This blog account may only be a couple of months old, but I started painting back in January 2011 for the first time in over a decade, and have learned to love it all again. Now I'm kicking myself over those missed 10 years! But this is how life goes, and everything happens for a reason. Now, I'm determined to get out as much as I can from my fingertips and hopefully someone will be impressed enough to want to help me make a living from it.

Have a great new year folks! x