Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Rock and roll

Good evening, it's nearly time for sleep before an early start tomorrow. I much prefer my lie ins, especially in the winter, but I guess a few 05h30 rises are good for the soul...
I've started my A Year of Greetings project and the first card's theme has landed a '50s feel. I love that era (aesthetically speaking), and will no doubt be rolling out a few more along the same style.
Other plans are afoot, and darn it if time is too short. The year has started well with 6 new orders by 6th January. Enough to keep me busy, you could say. Strangely, they are all different requests which gives me a lovely positive vibe that I am able to churn out some diverse material. As well working on new stuff I thought I'd show what I managed to do for my daughter, Eden (the namesake), which is slightly experimental (as with most of my work).

Onwards and upwards...

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