Friday, 20 July 2012

Long days and pleasant nights!

Happy Friday!
And it's the first Friday of my kids' Summer Holidays...I wonder how wonderful it'll be over the next few weeks?
Well, today went well as the kids were in and out of the house, playing with friends, running for the ice cream van, back in for a carpet picnic, back out on their bikes, back in to play hide-and-seek...then came the disaster. Wee man wanted to draw, like me I suppose...but drew off the paper and over the carpet. It was actually quite spectacular. One very long slightly curved line ending in a wiggle on the fireplace hearth. Throw in two very large stars shaped like this * and we had something that Ikea would probably sell on their curtains. Come to think of it, my girl has that exact same pattern on her bedroom rug...? 
Nothing serious, good old washable pens (thank goodness!)
In between all this to-do, I managed to come up with these 4 ideas (inset) for up and coming projects. They don't always look like the what comes out of the paintbrush tends to take a life of its own.
Bit by bit though, I'll plough through the sketch book and build up my range. So exciting! Just loving the list of themes to work on. Next week Bryn (the master craftsman with the tools and the k-now-how) will be supplying my 20 plaques to get the originals painted onto. How long these will take is unknown, but I'll be giving myself until the end of the Summer holidays to have them done. Then once they're done, it's printing time!
Alongside these, I need to get down with the Marketing thang! I've probably only scratched the surface, already made a few boo-boos with the survey (will redo, promise), and could do with a dictionary at the ready to translate the lingo. Accounts? Yep, need to figure them out too, am lucky to have Katy offering her guidance...will certainly be needed. So, my Summer Holiday will mostly consist of the day job, revising, designing, keeping the kids entertained, and making headway with these plans. Oh and did I mention I'm racing in the International Snowdon Race tomorrow? That's my other Sun's going to be out, it's going to be a hot race, it's going to be fantastic! Especially the post-race birthday BBQ x
So, Day 1 has been recorded...looking forward to how the rest of the summer pans out!
Long days and pleasant nights, my friends.

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