Monday, 16 July 2012

Marketing a name plaque?

Afternoon Folks!
I'm taking stock of the year so far. It started with a flourish of orders in the first week of January just as I was on holiday in Stoke St Gregory, with visits to the Glastonbury Tor (inset), City of Wells, and environs. Steadily I've been building up my ideas, experimenting, researching, slowly turning this hobby into a product. Now 'business' is the word of the day at eden with pencils HQ. Time is being diverted into developing a marketing strategy, and for someone who left an International Business degree to focus on living and working in the real world (in Lyon), such words conjure up dark images of what I have to learn, and what I am able to retain....all the while wanting to just get to the drawing board! I have been given sound advice and I need to act on it (thanks little bro). So here goes, I'm reading up on Market Analysis. Hopefully, with several fresh cups of coffee, flap jack, fruit and yoghurt...and a little stretch...I'll have retained enough information to write up a survey to send out to those who have already had the pleasure of receiving an eden with pencils product. It's a mine field out there, so if you're about to help me along the way, let me know! I'm good for conversation and listening to advice. Hope you all enjoy your day, which isn't so different to January's  mild winter weather. It's cold, it's pouring with rain...the sound is bersing  me into a doze as it rattles off the conservatory/study/dining room ceiling. Better than traffic honking, I guess?
Until next blog (when I expect to be somewhat more educated?)....

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