Monday, 27 August 2012

It's a little bit funny

Greetings reader, if you're in the UK you'll no doubt be wishing for better, drier weather before the summer has well and truly passed. I sit here in a roll neck polo jumper thinking just that.
Recently I have had a frenzy of business with orders to process according to a schedule in my diary, and gifts to make that weren't on the list but were made as any handmade product is, a stand-in for that children's party where both parents forgot to buy the little present and card. Step in 'creative mother' with a few spare letter blocks and voilà! The child has a gift for the birthday girl...of course, handmade card from mother's stock in accompaniment.

A new plaque for this week is a delightfully whimsical watery plaque for a nursery over on Anglesey. It's a little bit funny with each character playing a part in the aquatic display. The theme derives from the stages of this particular nursery that are tadpoles, dragonflies and frogs. So a few other bugs were thrown in for good measure.

This time I decided to paint all the edges as part of the image so that the story continues from all angles (except the back which retains its clean original wood). If you would like to see more creatures like these then drop me an email and what you have in mind. I think this is one of my favourites and will become part of the printed range which will be ready before Christmas...oooh, now there's a word which will crop up again soon!

Till then, tally ho! x

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