Sunday, 19 August 2012

The wonders of printing

Greetings on this sunny-rainy Sunday afternoon, weather that is typically British in indecisiveness and unreliability. If anything, I feel less guilty about having to spend every last second absorbing the rays to increase my melanin levels. Mine comes from a bottle, much safer, and quicker!!
So yesterday a friend and her family went on their merry way to the Middle East, an adventure if ever there will be one, as they've taken their two little boys with them. When they return, the boys will be speaking Arabic no doubt and have tans to die for! As a parting gift from her sister, a dear friend of mine, Charlie (think Liza Tarbuck), requested a commissioned plaque to represent their journey. Charlie pretty much left the detail to me but I still needed some facts - the boys' favourite items/costumes/activities - we are talking about two boys under 4 so options were limited - and really what does the dad do? Straight away the image came to me of a hot air balloon and the family making the crossing in that - the kids swinging from it, the native and destination countries on polar sides, and wording that isn't a run-of-the-mill message. Here is the outcome (apologies for the photo quality, a decent camera is on the shopping list).

And with this sparked new ideas - initially painting location plaques and re-printing them in various hues.

So far I've added a variety of Wales' towns and country parks, obviously the UK cities, and perhaps country ideas too. As usual, one plaque snowballs into ideas for many, many more. I just need to leave more food out for the elves to come out and sand the wood for me...
Enjoy your Sunday! Yvie x

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