Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Wonderful moments x

Today has been a day filled with wonderful moments. The sun came out and delighted us all, as we kicked off our shoes and lay out on the grass. When I say we, I refer to myself and two old friends of some 24 years gone, each with at least two children, most aged four and under. So as we gathered as Mothers do, on the grass, seven children running amok next to the tarmac'd playground, ducking in and out of the hedge-turned-den along the wall, I relish in the atmosphere and forget all the worries of the day, the week, the month...yes, I could go on. Once the children were hungry we just packed up and walked the 200 metres back to the house to continue taking advantage of this belated summer weather in the back garden. Not at all perturbed by the mounting leaning towers of cups and saucers, I am pleased to have spent a lovely day with my friends and their children, and look forward to more days like this.

My 'Evelyn' range seems to remind me of this day: colourful, little moments of love, laughter and delights. The 'Evelyn' motifs and colours are full of summer and fabulous memories. Enjoy x

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  1. Sounds like you had a great day!