Monday, 8 October 2012

Shifting horizons

Morning readers, today is a grim weather day, particularly so after the lovely blue sky of October's first weekend. I am scoffing chocolate, my soul food at the moment, it's going a long way to keeping me a little bit cheery while my nose is fresh and pink. It comforts the palette in any case.
It's been a while since my last post, mostly because life at home has taken some unexpected twists and turns, with reality being obscured and routine immensely disrupted. Commissions I painted over the summer are posted below, and perhaps I could churn out some non-commissioned pieces before Christmas, who knows. Whilst not wanting to deliver a blog memo that is unconvincingly vague about what's really going on,  I'm talking about depression and its ability to cling onto emotions and brain-thoughts like chewing gum. Days are passing by with small goals to achieve; getting up, dressed and eating being the main ones, so it's not so easy to concentrate on the larger goals of art pieces that I would love to have ready by Christmas and the chase for buyers of commissioned work.  Every now and then I might have a spurt of energy that eclipses the darker patches, but they don't last long, perhaps long enough for me to have the idea of doing some housework or starting a new plaque design. Inevitably, there are a few unfinished ideas hanging about the desk space, I'm sure they will come together eventually, but not today.

The Lily Pad is a nursery on Anglesey. One of their little ones graduated from there this summer and his family wanted to give a unique gift to the nursery as a thank you present. The plaque shows the different classes of the nursery - tadpoles, frogs and dragonflies. With this I also decided to start painting the edges of the plaques so that the story could be seen from all angles. It makes a more interesting piece and is a style that has delighted the receivers.

Kitty was also a summer project. Born in 2012, hers is inevitably related to the Jubilee, and that London City  style.

'Aiden' was a project I started over the summer, a present from a husband to his wife on her birthday. A door plaque for Aiden's room and a watercolour new baby painting depicting New York Central Park in the background and Aiden's baby statistics in the detail. I didn't get a final photo of Aiden's baby painting, so hopefully the new owner will be able to oblige...?

Since finishing Aiden's designs I took a rest from wanting to build ideas. My thoughts were tired. Last weekend I sat down and painted what came to me. Minimalism is appealing at the moment as I have little want or patience for longer projects. I managed to quickly mix up some new Christmas cards - solitude, peace, and simplicity are the reason for their 'lack' of whimsical, intricate and bold designs that I tend to go for. Perhaps next time I will be more cheery and even festive? Take a look at the pieces and let me know what you think xx