Thursday, 29 November 2012

Bleak Mid-Winter

It's midday and I've done more since waking this morning than I seem to have managed in the past week. It's winter, and today the sun is out. The difference in my coping ability is striking. Yesterday winter was all about greys, blacks, dark thoughts and hopelessness. Today, it's about fresh faces, blue skies, crisp air, orange and red leaves, and icicles on the porch roof. Same me, different outlook. I'd really like to hold onto today's outlook for longer! Have not posted here for quite some time. Not because I had nothing to say, but because I couldn't bring myself to say what was going round and round in my head. Off with the old, awkward nonsense, here's what I came on here to show you...

Individual letter AlphaCubes painted with Annie Sloan, Craig&Rose or Farrow & Ball paints. These can be personalised if you would like a set made for you.

Hallowe'en - I sort of missed the date with these, but they'll be ready for next year!

SEASIDE - Examples of styles and patters used - the E went a bit squiffy, but with practise they'll be beautiful.

LOVE - another font and pattern that can be put together, as well as HOME below.

Little AlphaCubes I call them. They're 4x4x4cm and made of redwood. They're hand-cut, sanded, painted, re-sanded, varnished and decorated with a decal. I've made lots of different ones which go together to make a word, or individual letters with an image. Some are retro, some are vintage, some are bright and colourful. While I gather my creative armour for the orders I have on the go, these cubes give me that edge to do something different which is very in-keeping with the eden with pencils style. More Christmas delights on the way in the next post. Until then, stay safe everyone xx

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