Friday, 29 June 2012

Moving on, moving on...

A shift has occurred recently. In the stars (according to Russell Grant), at work and at home. It is as if different areas of my life are finally heading in the same direction and it's up to me to link them all together. I know this sounds rather mystical, and it's pretty vague...but isn't that how life is sometimes? I guess when one door closes, you only really notice that there is already a path laid out in the opposite direction. Not for you to go backwards, but for a complete change, one that is needed. So I'm taking big steps to make a change in my career. I'll be refining what my business is, as it's unsustainable at the moment, too much of a hobby and not effective as an income. I'll be going back to school, to get the skills and the tools to really fulfil my dream of putting my mark on the art world. With so many projects in my head, and little time to see them through, my head sort of gets all cramped and daily life becomes unmanageable. So I'm going to free up all that space and let those ideas out!! It's going to be scary, it's going to be an adventure. And hopefully, with some hard work, faith, courage, determination and dedication, I will make my family proud of me, and be their shining example x

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Safaris and Fantasies

Greetings ladies, menfolk and ramblers...or as the saying goes something along those lines? The Jubilee fever has sort of passed, my orders are being dreamt up, mulled over and attacked with creative spirit, and summer is really trying to return to North Wales.
I have ingested some heat and safari mania in my latest plaque, where I decided to create an optical illusion! The name plaque, on a name plaque...where the name plaque IS the name plaque!! Basically, my plaque is painted around sections of the wood to give the impression that the wood is on the plaque I confusing you yet? How muddily.
Take a look, I am proud of this little creation for a little boy who loves tigers. I have never painted or even drawn a tiger before, nor a giraffe, or zebra, so have been not so silently promoting my work to colleagues at the 'day job'. Yet again, this little dude is something I've created with hours of love, painstaking tenderness and care, and giving him away is somewhat heartbreaking....but the smile it'll put on a little boy's face more than makes up for the loss.

Am considering being able to make these plaques full time...but the question is how do I manage to charge their worth in terms of the hours I put in to make them? At the rate they're being sold, they're an absolute bargain. All originals too. I wonder how people would feel if I painted many different themes, but was able to alter the name on them and then print those images off. Would that steer too far from what I love doing most? Painting on wood and leaving my mark? It's a costly little venture I have here, and am wondering how best to move forward with it all...Answers on a postcard! I love receiving postcards, no really! Give me handwritten any day...

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Something for the Jubilee

Well it's the Diamond Jubilee 4 day weekend (for many), and it's raining cats and dogs here in Denbigh, just as my tele has broken so there's no watching the Royal procession or the flotilla or any of the other Jubilee spectacles in my house. But in keeping with the spirit of all things British, here are some Jubilee works I prepared for 5 lucky ladies as part of the Pay it Forward 2012 project. One of the ladies is Australian, so just in case she wasn't a fan of the Commonwealth her design is more of a Coral Reef/Surf concept.
Other work I've been doing is home décor - bath blocks and a wall hanging for a new home (check out my Wooden works page).
Still plenty of other projects to fill my spare time when I'm not doing my day job, and hopefully they will be up here soon too. So what am I working on? Currently I'm painting a new baby scene, 2 more children's name plaques, 1 wedding plaque with 7 number blocks, my Year of Greetings cards, a curious Alice plaque project, a children's adventure story with illustrations and a logo for a pastry company. More than enough to fill me boots. Hope you all enjoy your Jubilee parties, I'm off to St Asaph tomorrow to join in the festivities in St Asaph becoming one of the new Jubilee cities. Then it's back to the grindstone...
So to sign off it's got to be long live the Queen, and may you all enjoy long days and pleasant nights, so says Roland.