Monday, 11 March 2013

Experience and development, it's how we roll

It's snowing. Outside, of course. Although inside could be just as cold (my feet certainly feel frozen). The weather is a temperamental thing, and I'm really ready for some warmer months seeing as the option of emigration isn't really viable...yet.

A couple of months have passed and I could say I'm someone different to the person I was back then. Not intentionally cryptic, I really have changed. It may be a step away, but that step is the result of experiential learning, so how could I not develop when that's precisely how we're built to function.
I'm scouring the internet for tutorials for adobe illustrator, I want to learn to use it to its full capability, at the moment I don't know how to use any of the buttons and it's more than a little irritating. Irritation aside, I'm using it to create a logo, the eden with pencils drawing girl is the original, it's Eden with her pencil, but as with all businesses, the logo has to draw the attention of the passers by. So I'm taking a chance on another of my drawings, this one is colourful and it's commonly found in the garden. The humble bumble bee.

The logo is on one of my lists, others included are:
 - sticking to and completing New Year's Resolutions (#1 done, see below)
 - networking and branching out
 - finding funding support
 - stock-piling
 - testing new ideas

All achievable, and yet they are all somewhat fuddled in my brain. I still have some issues to iron out.

On the topic of Resolutions, #1 on the check-list is to save money: we have become a one car family, with Tom riding to work two days a week so that I can get about. It means focusing travel agendas on what's needed and making use of public transport if an absolute must (like that impromptu dental check!). It doesn't help when too many things happen in one week and I feel a little stranded out here in the Vale. But that's life, and there are far more in a worse predicament. I just have to pass on my apologies and best wishes instead.

So this week I will be looking to strike off a few more notches on my list of things to do, and look forward to some warmth.

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