Sunday, 17 March 2013

Redecorate, invigorate.

Evening dear reader, I'm at the end of a long day of DIY, admin, and taking my daughter to her first Urdd Gobaith Cymru poetry recital competition with her classmates. They performed so well, I was immensely proud of their efforts. They didn't get through to the next round, but they had a go.
On the drive home the sun came out to invigorate us, none of us really wanted to go back inside, so once home, the uniform was swapped for wellies and corduroys to build dens in the garden.

The kids and Tom worked hard outside, and I turned to my studio, where I could watch them ferry bits of wood back and forth between garage and hedgerow, whilst I redecorated my own den. My haven, my studio. I stripped the old straggles of paper remaining on the wall, and wallpapered a backing ready for painting tomorrow.

Exhausting work, mostly because I was intensely focused on the task in hand which allowed my thoughts to wander and mull over issues that have risen over the past few months. The work was indeed therapeutic,  only occasionally taking a little pit-stop for refreshments and evaluation of mine and the family's efforts.
We did good.

Sleep well dear reader.

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