Sunday, 17 March 2013

Redecorate, invigorate.

Evening dear reader, I'm at the end of a long day of DIY, admin, and taking my daughter to her first Urdd Gobaith Cymru poetry recital competition with her classmates. They performed so well, I was immensely proud of their efforts. They didn't get through to the next round, but they had a go.
On the drive home the sun came out to invigorate us, none of us really wanted to go back inside, so once home, the uniform was swapped for wellies and corduroys to build dens in the garden.

The kids and Tom worked hard outside, and I turned to my studio, where I could watch them ferry bits of wood back and forth between garage and hedgerow, whilst I redecorated my own den. My haven, my studio. I stripped the old straggles of paper remaining on the wall, and wallpapered a backing ready for painting tomorrow.

Exhausting work, mostly because I was intensely focused on the task in hand which allowed my thoughts to wander and mull over issues that have risen over the past few months. The work was indeed therapeutic,  only occasionally taking a little pit-stop for refreshments and evaluation of mine and the family's efforts.
We did good.

Sleep well dear reader.

Monday, 11 March 2013

Experience and development, it's how we roll

It's snowing. Outside, of course. Although inside could be just as cold (my feet certainly feel frozen). The weather is a temperamental thing, and I'm really ready for some warmer months seeing as the option of emigration isn't really viable...yet.

A couple of months have passed and I could say I'm someone different to the person I was back then. Not intentionally cryptic, I really have changed. It may be a step away, but that step is the result of experiential learning, so how could I not develop when that's precisely how we're built to function.
I'm scouring the internet for tutorials for adobe illustrator, I want to learn to use it to its full capability, at the moment I don't know how to use any of the buttons and it's more than a little irritating. Irritation aside, I'm using it to create a logo, the eden with pencils drawing girl is the original, it's Eden with her pencil, but as with all businesses, the logo has to draw the attention of the passers by. So I'm taking a chance on another of my drawings, this one is colourful and it's commonly found in the garden. The humble bumble bee.

The logo is on one of my lists, others included are:
 - sticking to and completing New Year's Resolutions (#1 done, see below)
 - networking and branching out
 - finding funding support
 - stock-piling
 - testing new ideas

All achievable, and yet they are all somewhat fuddled in my brain. I still have some issues to iron out.

On the topic of Resolutions, #1 on the check-list is to save money: we have become a one car family, with Tom riding to work two days a week so that I can get about. It means focusing travel agendas on what's needed and making use of public transport if an absolute must (like that impromptu dental check!). It doesn't help when too many things happen in one week and I feel a little stranded out here in the Vale. But that's life, and there are far more in a worse predicament. I just have to pass on my apologies and best wishes instead.

So this week I will be looking to strike off a few more notches on my list of things to do, and look forward to some warmth.

Friday, 1 March 2013

Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Hapus!

Boreda folks! It's St David's Day today which means that Wales is celebrating its patronage with an abundance of red, white and green colours. It also means that we're already in March, Spring is here and the year is flying!

What is also flying is the speed at which this little venture has taken off. It has officially become a business, its roots firmly in Welsh soil. The past few weeks have been a haze of activity, all good, all positive, all exciting! Application forms have been sent in for Helfa Gelf Art Trail, Glasdir Spring Craft Fair, and Denbigh Eisteddfod, with sights set on more of these events to embrace the arts culture in Wales.
Networking, a new phenomenon for eden with pencils, began with a speed networking event at Patchwork Pate in Ruthin courtesy of Margaret Carter, mentor to the Goddesses, where I was able to present and listen to fifteen other creative and individually inspiring women who also run their own businesses. Part of my 2013 resolutions were to learn a new skill, so having met lovely Laura at the event, I signed up for her Bunting Workshop at her hidden gem of a studio in Mold. Laura runs other workshops too as part of her upholstery business Laura's Attic. Laura's sewing skills are incredible!
Check out the bunting I managed to make under the watchful guidance of Laura Capper!

Buzzing from the evening's impression on me, I ventured further to meet and kindle a kindred relationship with Rhewl's Hazel at Homewood Bound, Ruthin's Elle from Elle & Vintage, Lynne from Denbigh's very own handmade stockist Make the Most of  Dinbych, the delightfully delicious Denbigh Chocolate Shop's Mark (boss) and Nia (real boss) and superbly talented Holly Edwards Photography from Llanelidan. I am also really excited about meeting up at Patchwork for more networking and business mentorship.
I have quite a list of people and businesses with whom I would love to share my gifts, and if you spot my items on sale please let me know!
Recent commissions are slowly being posted on my facebook page, as they need to be delivered first. Here's a recent Nautical Bunting for a new 2013 baby boy, Woody. I just love these muted colours, and the simple nautical motifs on the back.

So as my first blog post of the new year (I know, it only took me two months!) I am pleased to be able to write with positivity, a warm glow around my heart (not just the coffee), and a change in perception about what it means to be capable, disciplined, and ready. Whilst developing my unique bunting tiles for all sorts of occasions, the plaque prints are coming along, the AlphaCubes are on show at the Sugar Plum Tea Room, and ideas are being whipped up for 2013's new adventures. It will surely make for an interesting year.

I hope to see many of you at my Craft Fair events or at my studio in September. I am  learning Welsh and will happily try it on some unsuspecting passers by...until then, Hwyl Fawr!