Bunting & Plaques

Welcome to my world of wood x
Here you'll find my current commissions for bespoke Wooden Plaques and Retro Lettering. All the wood is reclaimed from a local farm, then cut to size by Mr Pencils, and sanded, primed and sanded again by myself in preparation for a design.
Each Wooden Plaque design is individual, and will incorporate a style that you love, the end result being a truly bespoke name plaque. Plaques are all finished with a fabric/button/ribbon style appliqué, and can be prepared as a wall hanging with garden twine, or left whole for that no-nails style.
The Retro Lettering blocks are painted with a mixture of acrylics and Craig&Rose 1829 paints, and can be just the stencilled lettering, or painted with unique detail. Each letter is wired together for a wall decoration or stood on a shelf.
Here you'll also find collaborations with the talented Bryn Jones Woodcraft. A talented crafstman who is able to cut and shape beautiful pieces of wood for me to work on. 
Take a look...

Collaboration Work with Bryn Jones Woodcraft:

Retro Roller Jigsaw for R.L.