A Year of Greetings

Thank you for visiting this page. A Year of Greetings will be dedicated to one of my goals for 2012 which is to design a new card each week so that I have a stack of at least 50 cards by the end of 2012. It will be interesting to see how these develop over the year (as I've no particular plan for the year in mind), and what new skills I can bring to my palette as the seasons pass. Feel free to leave comments on my cards as they are updated, it will make for an interesting journey for me. Yvie x

Week 5 - Valentine's Day (07-01-12)
Ahead of myself this time! Another fiancé inspired painting - waking up on my days off with a fresh brew from my lovely man. This is also how he proposed; after waking me up with a cup of coffee, and half asleep, he asked me to marry him. Of course, I said "Yes!" x

Week 4 - Valentine's Day (31-01-12)
So let's stick with the love theme then, and here's one I made earlier...

Week 3 - Valentine's Day (24-01-12)
So here's a valentine thought that crossed my mind recently when thinking about my lovely Tom. "You make my heart flutter..." was a true feeling and how better to show it than a fluttering heart inside a bird cage. Any excuse to get to draw a bird cage. Simple and it means a lot to me.

Week 2 - Happy Mother's Day (17-01-12)
Following on from the Father's Day style and theme, I had an image of a simple hug which means a lot to Mums and children around the world. Other ideas for this are on a polka dot background, but I wasn't sure how to transpose the image...perhaps if I had Adobe Photoshop it would make all the difference? The selection tool I currently have is haphazard and difficult to manipulate. Alternatively I could just cut the picture out and make a collage with a painted polka dot background...may try that for another one. So here's to all the Mothers being there for their children x

Week 1 - Happy Father's Day (10-01-12)
So I haven't decided to design these cards in order with the seasons, merely as they appear in my mind and on paper...

This greetings card was designed and illustrated (rightly or wrongly) without real people to work from. I did want to use my fiancé and our son as models as they inspired the image, but my little boy is extremely camera shy and wouldn't strike the pose. Ideally the background was going to be a farm with striped fields, a large tree and the sun coming up over the hills, but I struggled for space so decided to opt for the sunlight option and framed background.